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🎨 Step 3 - Create your new beliefs + a bonus

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Ready to create
some new beliefs?

Go for it!

Welcome to Step 3 of the beliefs process.

This is where awareness turns to action.

Step 1 was about uncovering your beliefs in a given context.

Step 2 was about deepening your understanding of those beliefs.

Step 3 is about using your imagination and energy to create new, supportive beliefs.

Download the Step 3 worksheet to get started.

This worksheet will help you transform your awareness of your limiting beliefs into new beliefs that are more enabling.

You will brainstorm several options and then choose one you want to enact and embody.

And the BIG TIP here is to follow the energy.

What does that mean?

The way you will know which new belief to choose is to notice the one that makes you feel most energised. This could show up as a feeling of expansion, warmth, lightness, zinginess, or relief.

You may also notice your body taking a big, natural, relaxing breath.

That is your nervous system saying you've nailed it. Go team!

You've got this,

PS. We've also included a bonus worksheet. Sometimes we can feel patterns of resistance when introducing a new belief. These are called avoidance strategies. Just in case that happens for you, we've created a simple one-pager you can reference. Find your default avoidance strategy, acknowledge it, and then let it be. You don't need to make it go away, just be aware it's there, and then consciously choose to move beyond it. This is how meaningful change happens.

PPS. Next week, you'll receive the final step in the process which is all about reinforcing your new belief by making it part of your daily practice. Many small steps become a giant leap. Until then, grab your Step 3 worksheet attached to this email and the bonus worksheet on avoidance strategies. So many goodies!

Step 3 Beliefs Worksheets.pdf

Bonus Content - Avoidance Strategies.pdf

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