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🌟 Stories of Impact: How Values Drive Meaningful Work and Relationships

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What's your story?


This week, let's dive into how stories mirror our values and shape our lives. They offer insights into what truly matters to us and others, conveying timely lessons and prompting reflection. Tales of resilience or justice can inspire us, fostering clarity and confidence to lean into our own values and act in alignment with them, often in service of something greater than ourselves.

Stories not only aid personal reflection but also build connections and empathy. They bridge gaps between people, fostering shared values and understanding. Creating and engaging with values-based narratives strengthens relationships within our organisations, customer groups and communities.

And sometimes we need to tell stories informed by our values to hold the line in our work. As part of the Friday Questions series, Melis talks about the role your values play, to help you advocate for your own practice and that of others.


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So now...

Consider your own values. Then recall a positive story where they were aligned with your work, and another where they were not met. Notice how you feel reflecting on these different experiences. Which would you rather?

Knowing and aligning with your values will ensure that the stories you tell about yourself and those you serve, will be ones of influence, connection and impact. Yes, yes yes!

You've got this,

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